What's New in Hamilton

The pipeline of new projects unfolding in the Hamilton and Waikato area is stunning.  The growth and economic opportunity is perhaps greater than it has ever been.  Major projects about to get underway include the Te Awa Lakes development, Peacock residential development and the Hamilton ring road.  Don't forget the NZ Seven's World Series tournament in 2018 and cultural tourism initiatives.  Hamilton mayor, Andrew King says Hamilton and it's neighbours seem to be entering a period of incredible acceleration.  The following is a sample of some of the better known projects:


The Tree Church & Gardens

The Tree Church & Gardens, Ohaupo, is a living, breathing structure designed and built by Barry Cox to be a place 

of interest and contemplation.  The Tree Church itself is a personal creation by Barry himself, whose founding love 

for churches and interests in trees saw him incorporate the two to create what is believed to be the first living 

Church. But that's not all, there is also the Labyrinth walk and the ample gardens for your viewing pleasures or just

to enjoy some fresh air and a little quiet time. Check out there website www.treechurch.co.nz for more information.


Ferrybank Development

The name Ferrybank came about because it is where punts across the river used to land prior to bridges being 

constructed in Hamilton.  The place itself has Maori significance as it was used by Maori (and earlier settlers) as a 

landing area. There are various projects planned for the Ferrybank area from cafes, restaurants and mixed-use facilities such as commercial office space, enhanced retail, community, recreation space and so much more. 

For more information checkout http://www.hamiltoncityriverplan.co.nz

New Theater in Hamilton

Hamilton is ecstatic to discover they will be getting a new Performing Arts Theatre after the closing of its main key performing arts venue "Founders Theatre" in March 2016.  The proposed multi-million-dollar facility would be in Hamilton's main street overlooking the river and could also house an art gallery and a boutique hotel.  Many are excited by the news, however the funding will be confirmed later this year.  The main theatre would have a maximum seating capacity of about 1100, be flexible to suit various genres and cater for different crowd sizes without feeling empty.  It is believed that if all goes to plan, the theatre could be opened in 2021.

Tainui Inland Port Development

Ruakura is about to become New Zealand's largest integrated commercial and lifestyle development with a prominent inland hub and logistics facilities.  According to Stuff.co.nz, "an industrial park will be built either side of the port and its logistics warehouses will stretch from Silverdale in the South to just past Fairview Downs in the North".  It is estimated that the entire port will be completed by 2041. For more information on this exciting new development visit http://www.tgh.co.nz